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P Y.  
A Consultant from Chennai, India

Foreign Exchange and Indian Exchange Control

P Y. India
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Risk Management * 29 Years

Articulation of Exchange Risk policies for companies and banks.
Diagnostic studies of retail and wholesale Foreign Exchange operations of banks.

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Education and Training * 32 Years

My team conducts course in Treasury Risk Management for banks as well as programs on financial derivatives for banks and corporates.
The forex "bourse' and programs for the middle office are areas of special interest.
Corporate forex risk management training is another specialisation.

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Law, Legal Matters * 30 Years

As a former regulator, I am a specialist in Indian Exchange Control Regulations.

I offer on line adivisory services for Non Resident Indians on a Bank's website

A professional Consultant, here ...
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Foreign Exchange and Indian Exchange Control

I have had 22 years experience in Reserve Bank of India as regulator and 10 years as Consultant and Trainer in Foreign Exchange Risk Management and Exchange Control. My clients include top companies and banks in India. as well as Non Resident Indians
I have trained Bankers from more than 15 countries.
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Chennai, India

Compact and to the point
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A number of articles in the financial press in India and a few websites
I have good presentation skills and a good sense of humour
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I am a director in bank, a software company and a non profit micro finance organisation. In Foreign Exchange I have a varied experience- as a regulator, banker and corporate advisor
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