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Basem A.  
A Trainer from Khobar, Saudi Arabia

International Trainer, Author and Development Consultant

Basem A. Saudi Arabia
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Basem's Training Portfolio

Human Development * 20 Years

From top management executives to single mothers & teenagers, Basem has worked with hundreds of people to help them overcome personal & physical obstacles.
His ability to connect with you on a human level, uncover your fears & then help you get rid of them is amazing.

A talented counselor, NLP practitioner, coach & mentor who uses his ability to quickly & accurately identify the problem & his knowledge & skills to shape the right solution.

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Executive Development * 15 Years

Sometimes being great at your current job is not enough to earn the next promotion, but all too often, executives are too busy to plan for & take charge of their career development.
That's where executive development can help.
By helping you conduct an unbiased analysis of your strengths & weakness we can formulate a "Career Development Plan" that includes what you have to study, what courses you need to attend, who you need to meet & what you need to change to get to the next level.
But it doesn't stop at planning. You receive full step by step coaching throughout the execution of your career development plan, ensuring expert support & sustained motivation.

Organisational Development * 13 Years

Organizations are teams, within teams.
Competency, communication, clarity of goals & highly rewarding outcomes are the nourishment of world class teams.
We start off by efficient analysis of where your team stands now then formulate a plan that takes you where you want to go.
This includes training, executive coaching, consulting, change management, knowledge management & best practices in a number of key organizational fields.

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Basem A.'s Profile

International Trainer, Author and Development Consultant

Basem is a Training & Development Consultant, NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist.

Over the past decade, more than 4000 people from 35 different countries have attended his training workshops on Motivation and People Management, Creative Thinking, Communication, Leadership, Sales, Strategy, Self-healing & NLP.

Basem focuses on teaching intellectual & interpersonal skills because he believes that once people have mastered the use of their mind, they can accelerate their development in any field or direction they desire.

People attending his training workshops describe them as "life changing" events & he's often been called "a Master Trainer in the field of Skills Development".

Performance Consulting, Executive Coaching, Personal Development, Management Training, Organization Behaviour, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Phobia Cure & Emotional Freedom Technique.
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Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Best Selling Co-Author of Crunch Point & 10 Ways to Improve Your Collection
Speaker Consultant Coach Trainer Researcher
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