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Peter B.  
A Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Global teams and Innovation expert

Peter B. United Arab Emirates
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You win in a globalized world if you continuously innovate. Global teams of experts from around the world is the solution. However, most global teams work fail despite their potential. What does your organization do to ensure your global teams succeed?
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Peter's Training Portfolio

Innovation Consulting * 18 Years

Training and consulting on developing and leading global innovation organizations

Organisational Development * 20 Years

The dynamics of globalizing organizations - the practical implication of distances in culture, adminstration systems, geography, and economics (ref. Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat)

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Team Building * 16 Years

Training and coaching global teams - multicultural and virtual

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Global teams and Innovation expert

Peter has a strong background in the development of global organizations, where both the cultural, and the geographic dimensions influence how transformation is most efficiently performed.

His professional career took him from project manager in international aerospace to vice president in oil & gas. He worked thereafter for one of the major consultancies in Denmark. In 2002 he founded his own company with a vision of creating a better working world for people in global organizations.

His two main focus areas:

Global innovation management
Developing and leading global innovation organizations; including facilitating and implementing innovation and creative processes; the ability to identify knowledge sources core to the strategic focus of the organization, as well as accessing, transferring and integrating the knowledge in organizations.

Global teams
Teams that are virtual and multicultural. Working to improve the performance of global teams include training and coaching individual leaders and members, as well as coaching the teams through the challenges of working across cultures, time zones, and communicating using various social media and technology platforms.

Peter has lived and worked in various European and Asian countries, and in the USA. He has for the past 8 years been located in the Middle East with Dubai as his home.

His academic background is founded at Cranfield University and Glasgow University, where he achieved his MSc. and Int. MBA in Organizational and Strategy development. He has done a two years MSc. level training in Organizational Psychodynamic based on the principles of Tavistock, and holds certificates on various organizational development methodologies.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Al FuttaimAlfa LavalAlghanimArla FoodCargotec MacGregorChr HansenColoplastDuPontENBDFLSmidthFertin PharmaGavdi SolutionsGrundfosJ M Huber CorporationJabra GN Store NordJamoKr ger VeoliaLM Wind PowerLinakNovo NordiskNovo ZymesNuviaPfizerRambollSemlerSensusSiemensTakedaTempur PedicTermaVestasIBM
Culture without a buffer - the road to Global Competences Coaching virtual multicultural teams: Is historical cultural context affecting your team? Managing global projects - facing cultural challenges Rewrite Your Social Contract – in a multicultural context
Strategic – see patterns where others see complexity and determine the strategy ahead Learner – strive to learn and improve - keeping the team/organization on the cutting edge Achiever – motivated by my next goal - a strong inner drive to get things done Focus – prioritize - make alterations - and then take action - my goals are my compass Arranger – natural ability to orchestrate people and resources for maximum effectiveness
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