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Kent C.  
A Trainer from Chicago, United States

Expert Trainer, Coach and Team Builder for global business

Kent C. United States
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Want to learn how to be more successful or grow your organization? Kent is a business executive who teaches and coaches people and teams to achieve exceptional results. He has learned and worked inside large global Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing companies. Learn more about his business and coaching successes!
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Kent's Training Portfolio

Coaching * 27 Years

Helping people improve their skills in order to achieve better business results and leadership talents.

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Human Resources * 33 Years

Helping organization improve their business result with proper alignment of their people talents, structure, rewards and process to the business strategy

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Leadership * 23 Years

Helping people achieve exceptional leadership skills through assessments, feedback and action learning. Teaching people team building, relationship skills and how to build trust with their teams and peers.

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Kent C.'s Profile

Expert Trainer, Coach and Team Builder for global business

Kent is the founder and president of a Management Consulting firm. His aim is to provide talent and resources that will enable companies to achieve sustainable results through the alignment of strategy, organization and its people. His background is in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing and Quality. He consults in the areas of Strategic Planning, Change Management, Organizational Capabilities, Process Improvement and Measurement.

With over 30 years of consulting and business experience he has been helping leaders, employees and teams improve business performance through creative and proven approaches with practical insights. He has held numerous executive positions within the global oil and gas industry in addition to consulting with officers and executives in Marketing, Manufacturing and Sales.

Driving change within an organization is a specialty of his. Highlighted below are just a few examples he has either led or facilitated.

Human Resources - Designed and implemented a shared services center for HR. This project provided HR consulting to 200 supervisors while reducing operating expense by 34%. Within a pipeline organization he implemented self managing team resulting in a 23% improvement in maintenance quality.

Marketing - Participated in the development and was responsible for the implementation of a new retail marketing strategy. This was a shift from traditional petroleum marketing to retailing. This strategy involved 12 000 locations. The strategy included new products and 2700 stores. He led a team that developed a computer based training program that saved 15 000 man hours and reduced training costs from $112 to $64 per hour. Designed a marketing referral process for Allstate Insurance that will generate 2 to 6 sales contacts for 25% of all calls a agent receives. Consulted with a freight service company to reduce expense and improve net income.

Quality - Developed the strategic scorecarding process that was adopted by Amoco Corporation. Implement a balance scorecard for a crude oil refinery, petroleum exploration division and a shard service department. Improved a capital allocation/management process that reduced site construction from 180 to 90 days.

Kent has won awards for process improvement and leadership. He has Baldrige examiner experience and is certified in many other programs that support his consulting and training practice.
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