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Sean W.  
A Professional Speaker from Dublin, Ireland

Helping Experts Become Influencers

Sean W. Ireland
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Do you know how business experts despite their expertise often struggle with winning clients or influencing key stakeholders, their boards or their teams? Well, I turn 'Experts into Influencers' to win clients easily and lead effortlesly, through influence.
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Networking Techniques * 14 Years

Learn how to network easily and confidently - without being intrusive - in any environment. Learn practical strategies and techniques that turn anyone into a successful and professional networker who can win clients and build a powerful professional brand.

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Sales - General * 30 Years

Selling in no longer about charging out into the market - but about drawing the clients to you. Today's successful professionals learn how to create powerful and emotionally compelling sales messages, network successfully, quickly build high levels of trust with prospects and partners, elegantly influence meeting outcomes and present in a way that captures the prospect's attention. Today's sales professionals are 'High Trust Advisors'

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Coaching * 22 Years

Coaching is ability of raising an executive's game to new heights and ability. However it is often misunderstood. This presentation explores the 4 Pillars of coaching (Clarity, Structure, Skills and Accountability), a definition of coaching, the difference between coaching, mentoring and counseling and much more. If coaching or mentoring is what you do this is a must see presentation.

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Helping Experts Become Influencers

Sean is a professional speaker, executive coach and author on 'How Experts Become Influencers'.

He helps expert business leaders, professionals and B2B sales and consulting teams to become compelling influencers and High Trust Advisors; to win new clients AND to lead teams and stakeholders through connection and influence.

If you are an expert in your field - but struggle to win clients OR if you are a leader struggling to build a powerful professional brand to project your value and influence to key business stakeholders or lead your team - then Sean can help.

He provides keynotes, coaching and workshops in:

-How to speak and present in public with real impact.
-How to network successfully to win clients or build your business brand and influence.
-How to master all conversations and meetings with clients and colleagues.
-How to build rapid rapport and trust with others.
-How to take back control over your time and increase your productivity and
-How to build business self-esteem and confidence.

He is an engineer by profession and a qualified psychotherapist, with almost 30 years of business development and executive communications coaching experience and a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching in the UK.

His clients have included firms such as BT (UK), Jelf Pensions Group (UK), Daiichi Sankyo (GER), ACCA (IRL/UK), Mazars (UK), Bank of Ireland (IRL) and Zurich (IRL).
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Dublin, Ireland

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Grant ThorntonHSBC BankMazarsStandard Chartered BankMicrosoft
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Fellow The Professional Speaking Association of the UK Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council
The Business Coaching Revolution 2001 The High Trust Advisor 2013
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Ireland   Ireland
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