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Business Academies - Overview

What the Sales Academy did for us? I will not exaggerate when I say there's a time before and after ... it just transformed our sales team's competitive game incredibly.
What's a Business Academy?
What's a Business Academy?

A Business Academy is an amazing tool to substantially advance a designated group of specialist co-workers on a chosen subject critical to a sponsor (client) through classic and modern learning methods.

A business academy's purpose may be a specific issue, challenge or bottleneck that needs resolve, improvement or radical re-thinking (e.g.: 'how will we market our new product more effectively', or: 'how can we increase sales by X percent', or 'What does it take to remain a leader in our market')

An academy will always be what YOU want it to be. But it certainly is less comfortable, more radical, sometime irritatingly disruptive and at times unconventional and experimental than other training initiatives you might have seen or tried before.

While there are no magic bullets in the business we are in a Business Academy is the closest thing we can offer. If you are ready to significantly scrutinise how you work today and you are looking for a co-worker - owned, mutually agreed new ways of how things are done better in the future then this is for you!

Objectives / Purpose
Outcome / Result / Purpose / Objectives of a Business Academy

A Business Academy is as unique as you are and brings to your organisation a very specific high-impact series of bespoke learning and facilitation interventions which go far beyond a sequence of traditional training courses.

Expect a Business Academy's results to be substantial in value to your organisation because an academy does NOT bring to you from outside all the answers you may want to hear. An Academy is not meant to just be another knowledge or best-practice consumption forum. It rather hones and builds on its participants' existing subject matter expertise and autonomy.

An Academy certainly sets the stage offering a definition of its purpose and iron out knowledge gaps through taught elements.

Its true purpose however is to facilitate the existing wealth of knowledge and expertise of your very own people and steer it into the direction you set.

Flexible Learning Methods
Flexible Learning and Delivery Methods
Business Academies can be used (for example) to...

  • Close Skill Gaps (taught courses, workshops, expert-led/online/blended) on a subject, e.g.: Sales, Marketing
  • Advance an existing skill set (taught courses, workshops, expert-led/online/blended)
  • Scrutinise existing processes and practices and implement consensual / autonomous practices (expert-led facilitated interventions, usually workshops)
  • Facilitated goal or process oriented group sessions
  • Follow up coaching / mentoring sessions
  • Any Combination
Unique and Bespoke
Unique and Bespoke
No academy is like any other. Business Academies are made to order and are the result of elaborate pre-work with all client stakeholders, all involved experts and of course us.
Delivery Formats
Delivery Formats

A Business Academy is run from, by and within the facilities of a sponsoring organisation and led by carefully selected external and internal specialists. We can assist with the administration and management.

Its success is only guaranteed with its client stakeholders' involvement and commitment. A Business Academy can be a sequence of themed and curated learning interventions (such as, but not limited to expert-led and/or blended courses). Elements may be taught or facilitated.

BA's are scheduled in levels which build up on one another in terms of demand and complexity. Participants are encouraged to work in groups or teams.

Remote Rollout. We also offer virtual and hybrid modes of delivery.

No Ordinary Fair: Facilitation
No Ordinary Fair: Facilitation

A Business Academy makes heavy use of a technique known as 'facilitation' where expert employees are facilitated by a neutral external subject matter facilitator towards prior agreed objectives.

It may be that a company's existing processes, know-how and common practices are put to the test and become subject to scrutiny in open and democratic debates.

It may be that an academy disrupts a sponsor's current work practices and something new, previously perhaps unthinkable, finds its way. In any case all participants commit to implementing their part of the change with responsibility and accountability.

Active Client Involvement: Desired
Active Client Involvement: Desired
Business Academies can not be successfully run by external specialists alone without inputs and hands-on involvement of the sponsoring Client.

Real success only happens when all relevant stakeholders fully support the initiative and take ownership in the academy development all the way to assisting with the delivery of the initiative and making sure its outcomes are implemented.

Business Academy Ideas
Business Academy Ideas

You are free to find any catchy name you like for your Business Academy.

- The Growth Academy
- The Not-So-Boring Sales Academy
- The Solvers Forum
- The Other Marketing Academy
- The Makers Forum
- Special Command Academy
- Smart Sales Academy
- New Marketing Academy
- The [Your Company] Leadership Academy
- The Up-Skiller Academy
- The On-Boarder Academy
- The Terrific Service Academy
- [Your Title] Academy
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