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We decided to use these guys for our company's training. They've always found us these unbelievable trainers we would have never even dreamt of finding ourselves. But what really impressed me was that they leave nothing to chance."
Extra-Ordinary Results - Every time.

Business Experts Brokerage

The Business Case
Why brokering Experts Matters
Things can turn sour very quickly when that trainer, consultant or coach you've given business to just isn't up to the job for whatever reason. It does more than just hurt your reputation: It it wastes everyone's time and money and undermines your credibility.

Buying the time of an external specialist expert is serious business where a lot of money changes hands.

With 20 years in business and customers in more than 30 countries we've gathered an incredible wealth of experience and expertise brokering Business Experts.

We search at places you probably wouldn't and we talk to relevant business insiders you probably don't know. We have an up-to-date global database of over 10,000 experts and actively run and maintain Expertbase.

We leave no stone unturned in making sure you get the best matching experts your budget can buy.

That's our promise!

Here's what we do
Types of Business Experts we broker
We can assist with brokering specialist Business Experts for short to medium term projects in the following categories:

  • Business Trainers
  • Business Consultants
  • Executive Coaches
  • Business Facilitators
  • Business Speakers / Keynotes
  • Interim Managers
From the field & hand-picked
Cutting-Edge Research Team
Cutting-Edge Research Team
The Knowledge Brokers consist of a top research team from the training / consulting / headhunting industry with a combined international set of experience of over a century gathered in our 20 years of history. We have considerable reach and intel on the experts markets that matter and tools, methods and infrastructure in place unique to our industry.

This enables us to pin-point source almost any specialist in nearly any field.

What's more is that we conduct real interviews with potential candidates. Only experts who have fully satisfied our specific and to-the-point queries and fulfil the brief will be put forward.
100% Guaranteed
Independent and Impartial
Independent and Impartial
We are 100% independent and impartial. We neither employ experts we broker nor are we affiliated or associated with or bias towards any providers we propose to you.
From A to Z
Agreeable Service Levels
Agreeable Service Levels
We source and broker business experts and can assist to any degree with the execution of your projects throughout the entire cycle. Our B2B assistance may include (e.g.):

Pre Intervention:

  • Identification of specific project needs
  • Agreement on key aspects / outcomes / objectives
  • Sourcing of candidate experts
  • Proposal of each expert with solution
  • Deployment of Experts
  • Pre-Intervention Questionnaires
  • Pre-Intervention Logistics, such as Venues, Visas, Hotel etc.
  • Workbooks, questionnaires, online tools and services, etc.

Post Intervention:

  • Professional participants feedback analysis / stats
  • Feedback analysis / stats
  • Comprehensive Intervention Feedback / Review
  • External Certification / Accreditation support (optional & where applicable)
100% Guaranteed
Brokers are Client-Centric!
Broker = Client-Centric
We are 100% client-centric and represent our clients on the experts marketplace. There are no compromises.
Everything where you need it to happen
From Anywhere to Anywhere
From Anywhere to Anywhere
We can source, broker and deploy business experts from any desired city or country or region to any client desired city or country or region.
100% Guaranteed
Responsibility & Accountability
Risk Management & Accountability
Introducing new external experts to a company always carries a risks. There can be a large number of reasons. Sometimes it can be the expert who causes problems.

If an expert was sourced by us and s/he can't, won't or may not be able to deliver the intervention as agreed we make sure practical, uncomplicated solutions are found swiftly to remedy a situation - including the replacement of an experts at no extra charge, etc.
100% Guaranteed
We mean Discretion & Privacy
We mean Discretion & Privacy
We guarantee 100% discretion to our Clients. We represent the interests and disguise / hide the identity of our clients during our entire sourcing process such that only a selected few shortlisted candidates will ever know who's behind a project. We do not publish 'case-studies' about projects we worked on. We publish a client's company name or logo on our websites only with explicit permission.

We do not disclose, confirm or deny to third parties our involvement in projects unless we are legally bound to do so.

We believe it is nobody's business to know what projects you are planning or who you are.
We mean
Bespoke / Customised
Bespoke / Customised
No business is really like another because people are who they are creating their own culture and ways of working. Uniqueness requires bespoke employee development solutions. We introduce you to specialist experts who understand your business and it's uniqueness and are able to deliver just the right results for you.
We mean
Pin-Point Sourcing Accuracy
Perfect Sourcing Accuracy
We source specialist business experts with pin-point accuracy to client brief. Our success rate from Jan 2018 to Jan 2019 was above 99%. This means for every 100 business experts we source there may be 1 who didn't or couldn't deliver as promised and agreed.
100% Guaranteed
Dedicated Account Management
Dedicated Account Management
Every project, small or large, is guaranteed to receive the same dedication and enthusiasm and a 100% competent one-point-of-contact Account Manager who is available 24/7 with full responsibility and accountability usually located in our head-office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
We've never heard of a company that brokers trainers before. We couldn't believe the calibre of Trainers they proposed - and ended up working with to agreed budget. The impact was substantial."
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