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On the Market for Training Outsourcing?
On the Market for Training Outsourcing?

If you are looking for a calibre impartial supplier who can manage a set of your training processes related to content or services, that will save you money and provide more effective and targeted results – while at the same time keeping you firmly in the driving seat - then we are definitely the people you want to get in touch with.

For over a decade, we've been consistently and successfully delivering managed / outsourced training services cost effectively and comprehensively with the reliability and consistency our clients expect from us.

The Case for The Knowledge Brokers
Why Outsource Training to us?
Why Outsource Training to us?

There are many benefits to outsourcing all, or parts, of your learning & development functions. We can of course understand the worries you may feel about outsourcing any part of your business. To put your mind at rest, we work with you to define and deliver a service that best matches the training needs of your employees, your strategy and your business.

We are your one-stop support partner who bring 20 years of experience to the table, helping your company grow, develop and thrive through a learning & development programme that goes hand in hand with your company strategy.

Our key strengths as your partner lie in our vendor-neutral / supplier independent procurement of training services and our excellent project management skills.

We offer to provide scalable seamless training services that maximise training budgets, deliver consistent quality and intelligently control the learning needs of your organisation.

We offer Training Outsourcing Services through our Headquarters in Dubai for clients in the GCC countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Let's be clear about it
Outsource What, When & How you want it!
Outsource What you want, When and How you want it!

One of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing L&D is that you have to outsource all or nothing, but this isn’t the case.

There’s nothing wrong with cherry-picking the training that you want to carry on doing yourself (such as special safety or on-job or induction training, for example) and allowing outsourced partner to handle the rest.

This allows you to be flexible and still retain full control over your own operations – a good training provider will always recognise this as a basic customer need and work with you to match your requirements.

Pick and Choose
Things we can do for you
Training Outsourcing - Things we can do for you
Training Needs Assessment and Planning:
Determine current situation, the desired state, and a learning plan linked to the business strategy to achieve your goals using proprietary, research-based tools and models.

Solution Sourcing:
Solution identification, qualification, contracting, negotiations, management, logistics, and (where required) certification.

LMS – Training Marketing, Registration and Reinforcement System:
A customised Learning Communication and Registration System to help clients manage the marketing, registration, planning, scheduling, delivery, resource allocation, reinforcement, and results of learning solutions without the hassles associated with a cumbersome LMS.

Solution Implementation and Training Measurement:
Design most effective solutions for best impact (quality and return) and deliver to the right target audience in the most efficient (cost and time) manner.

Administrative Support:
Reporting, logistics, tracking, and admin so that participants can focus on learning and your internal resources can focus on adding value.

Differentiator No. 1
Working with the Experts
Differentiator No. 1: Working with the Experts
Training Outsourcing is more than a business decision with a bottom-line effect.

Either your firm invests in a fully fledged in-house training department with everything and everyone that comes with it 24/7.

Or you decide to keep the training department to a minimum and work with an external provider like The Knowledge Brokers who can offer your firm access to cutting-edge specialist expert trainers and/or on-line resources in the field with first-hand relevant industry experience.

We effectively become an extension to your training department that you ONLY use when you need it (on-demand). You ONLY pay for for what we've agreed. No bad Surprises.

You are FULLY in control of everything that's going on. We help you every step of the way make training a talked-about success story in your company and the envy of your competitors.

Differentiator No. 2
Flexibility & Scalability
Differentiator No. 2: Flexibility & Scalability
It doesn't ever have to be complicated. Our Training Outsourcing / Managed Learning Services are so flexible and scalable that it will surprise you.

You probably know by now that running an internal training department requires people of various levels of skills and talent. Full-time internal staff are a considerable fixed resource whereas Training delivery is a variable activity.

Working with us allows you to flex the number of resources to deliver the training you need - when you need them. Just imagine your company is able to scale up and down its training activities (and expenses) with pin-point accuracy against your company's business requirements.

We are serious about adjusting to the demands of your business. You run your business the way it profits you most. Our training partnership will grow with you with the flexibility you need and the scalability that just makes sense.

Differentiator No. 3
Experts from the Experts' Experts
Differentiator No. 3: Experts from the Experts' Experts
We are a 100% vendor-independent training and training services provider who's core-business it is to match client training requirements with matching trainers and/or blended or e-learning solutions. We are among just a few dozens firms globally who can truly and credibly run Training / Learning Outsourcing services.

We have long understood that the right training at the right time by the right trainer for the right audience can lead to incredible learning results - every time. Try us!

Differentiator No. 4
Flexible Delivery Formats
Differentiator No. 4: Flex Delivery Formats
We are not stuck with offering just one delivery format. We are able to combine any of the following:

  • Live Virtual or Hybrid: Live online programmes facilitated by an expert instructor
  • Live Classroom-Based: Live in-person expert-led at your premises or a location of your choice
  • Self-Paced Online: Web-based, on-demand, self-contained courses available 24/7
  • Blended Learning: A combination of delivery methods to optimise costs vs effectiveness of the learning experience
As a SMB into manufacturing we always wanted to keep our training function slim. We decided to outsource most of it and enter a partnership with a company that understands us. These guys are just great. The level of trainers, the service, the dependability - is just incredible. We did the right thing. It's fun.
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